Sarah Halley

Sarah Halley is an organizational development consultant and experiential educator with 18 years experience, working primarily on team building, leadership development, inclusive strategic planning, and diversity/cultural competence. She co-facilitates a series of workshops for White People Confronting Racism, based out of Training for Change, a grass roots, nonprofit training center in Philadelphia dedicated to global social change. Sarah is also the founder and co-director of Playback for Change, a multiracial improvisational theatre troupe that uses playback theatre as a vehicle for social change, and is an international leader and trainer in the international Playback Theatre movement. Sarah also has a background in engineering and spent 8 years as a classroom teacher in the Philadelphia area.

Ali Michael, Ph.D.

Ali Michael is an educator and filmmaker with a PhD in Teacher Education from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in Anthropology and Education from Teachers College. She works as a consultant and facilitator in both independent and public schools in the Philadelphia area. Ali cofacilitates Whites Confronting Racism, a workshop for White people working for racial justice. Ali believes that the skills required for racial competence should not be elusive, but can be learned and practiced. During her doctoral work, Ali studied the common questions, dilemmas and successes of White teachers who were learning to address racial inequity in their classrooms and schools. As an adjunct instructor at Penn, she teaches Whiteness: Counseling and Educational Perspectives. Her current research focuses on supporting white teachers to mitigate the unintentional, pervasive effects of institutional and individual racism. She also studies how White families racially socialize their children. For more information, see www.alimichael.org.

Emil Rudicell
Emil Rudicell is from north Florida, and has lived in DC since 2004. Emil started as a facilitator for anti-war and feminist student organizing groups. They have been a community organizer and activist in a broad range of overlapping movements, and have worked in direct service providing crisis intervention and peer counseling since 2000.  They love speculative fiction and hate prisons.