Accountability, Supporters, and Resources



The White People Confronting Racism workshop is guided by an Accountability Board of colleagues and educators of color.  A complete list of the current Accountability Board is under construction.


Many BIPOC contributed to the content and direction of the workshops. It was their voices asking us to design a space for white people to take greater responsibility for their own work to addressing racism that continues to echo in all the evolutions of
the material.

We’d like to especially thank the late Dr. Frederick Bryant, as well as Norma Cobbs, Percy Bradshaw, Barry Cross, and Jim Crumel for their input, editing, and guidance over time.

In addition, there are many people of color who have partnered with us and supported us in many ways to develop our consciousness about racial justice work as well as these workshops. We thank all those who have informed and supported us, and who we have with us in spirit at all times: Barbara Smith, Pamela Freeman, Niyonu Spann, Marcine Pickron-Davis, Ruth Littlejohn, Jackie Cody-Downing, Marilyn Dyson, Judith Jones, Carolyn Jones, Patreece Thompson, Juan Thomas, Nelson Hewitt, Dolores Davis, and Fr. Paul Washington.

We thank our white colleagues & support groups for the intention and will to do this work, as well as their support over time to help each other learn and inform the workshops also.

Thank you to Elsie Y Cross, who was a pathfinder in organizational racial justice work.  We honor her memory and as well as the content and consciousness she provided us.

We particularly acknowledge George Lakey and the folks at Training for Change for ongoing support to this important work, with special thanks to Erika Thorne, who is also one of the facilitators of the workshop.

Special thanks to manual designers Lula Jones of LULAdesigns (3rd edition); Hadassah Hill/Heels on Wheels Design (2nd edition); and Skylar Fein (1st edition).

Thanks to Karen Moore for researching permissions to use materials.

And a big thank you to Sarah Halley and MJ McClure for having first taken over the public workshops, thereby enabling the work to continue, develop further, and thrive thanks to their energy. We can’t thank you enough for this. and for being such gifted allies to us personally. Sarah Halley, now carries on the workshop and its spirit, and leads an outstanding group of facilitators.


Header Image – From photograph of The Selma to Montgomery March, Mar 7, 1965 – Mar 21, 1965.